Historical Sources

Historical Source
B - Bio
Bir - Bow
Box - Bui
Bui - But

Back of the Yards Housing Stock, 1959
Bahā'ī Temple, 1971
Ballet Theatre, 1940s
Band Practice, Chicago Hebrew Institute, 1919
Barge and Tugboat on the South Branch of the Chicago River, c.2000
Barracks of Second Fort Dearborn, 1856
Baseball in Seward Park, 1909
Bathers at the Chicago Beach Hotel, 1913
Bathers on Oak Street Beach, 1941
Beach on Near South Side, late 1980s
A Beautiful Taste by Joelle, 2004
Beck's American Band, Englewood, n.d.
"Begin Final Link of Ogden Avenue Drive This Week," 1934
Beginning of the 1919 Riot
Benito Juarez High School Yearbook, 1981
Benny Goodman and Orchestra, 1935
Bernard Epton Campaign Office, 1983
"Bidding Farewell to the Fox," 2001
Billy Sunday, 1915
Biography of Mark Beaubien in History of Chicago, A. T. Andreas, 1884
Bird's Eye View of Chicago, 1857
Bird's Eye View of Chicago, 1879
Bird's Eye View of South Chicago and Calumet Harbor, 1874
Bird's Eye View of the Business District of Chicago, 1898
Bird's-Eye View of 63rd and Halsted Streets, 1948
Bird's-Eye View of Chicago from the West, 1874
Bird's-Eye View of Elevated Railroads, Parks and Boulevards, 1910
Bird's-Eye View of Stock Yard, 1860s
Birdcage Parking Garage, 1957
Black Hawk Portrait, n.d.
Blue Island Opera House, 1908
Blue Note Jazz Club, c.1950s
Blues Musicians on Maxwell Street, c.1950-1951
Board of Public Works Notice, 1873
Board of Trade Interior, c. 1900
Board of Trade building, c.1904-1913
Boat Convoy on Chicago River, c.2000
Boats on the North Shore Channel, 1987
Borg-Warner Corp., 1958
Bowman Dairy Cart, c.1900
Boxer Bob Fitzsimmons, 1894
Boy Scouts on Clean-Up Day, 1915
"Boy's-Eye View of Lake Michigan," c.1920
Boys Fishing in the Chicago River near Forest Glen, 1917
Boys Fishing in the Desplaines River, 1926
Boys Swimming in the North Branch of the Chicago River, 1919
Boys along Lakeshore in Evanston, 1905
Boys with Fishing Poles near Fox Lake, 1926
Brass Holy Water Font, 1752
Breakwater at 31st Street Beach, 1931
Breeder's Gazette, 1881
Bridge Tender House, Halsted Street Bridge, 1957
Bridge Tender's House on Swing Bridge at Calumet Harbor, 1952
Briggs House Menu, 1859
Brighton Park Church Parade, 1903
"Brotherhood Week in Chicago," 1928
Bubbly Creek, with Chicken Standing on Crusted Sewage, 1911
Buffalo Bill Cody, 1916
Bughouse Square, 1993
Building Gary, Broadway Street and Fifth Avenue, April 1906
Building Gary, Broadway Street and Fifth Avenue, June 1907
Building Gary, Harrison Street and Seventh Avenue, 1906
Building Gary, Temporary Workers' Housing, 1907
Building Inspection Report, 1953
Building Inspection, 1953
Building a Harbor for U.S. Steel, Gary, Indiana, c.1906
Bulletin of the Chicago Housing Authority (June 1941, page 5)
Bulletin of the Chicago Housing Authority (March 1941, page 3)
Bungalow, 1922
"Bureau of Public Comfort," Official Directory of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Burnham and Root, c.1890
Burnham's Notes on Costs
Business Loss or Balanced Growth: Industrial Displacement in Chicago, 1986
Business Portion of Chicago, 1862
Bust of Dr. Jose Rizal, 2004
Butler Bros. Building, 1928