Historical Sources

Historical Source
D - Ded
Dee - Din
Dio - Dut

Daily Worker, 1 December 1924
Daley and Kennedy at O'Hare Dedication, 1963
Daniel Burnham to Charles Norton, 1906
Daniel Burnham's Notes, 1908
Daniel H. Burnham Speech, 1896
Daniel H. Burnham Speech, 1896
Daniel H. Burnham Speech, 1896
Daniel H. Burnham to John Sherman, 1897
Daniel H. Burnham to John Sherman, 1897
Daniel H. Burnham's Grave in Graceland Cemetery, 2005
Daniel H. Burnham's Log Cabin Retreat, c.1892
Daniel H. Burnham, c.1910
David Kennison Marker in Lincoln Park, 1903
Dearborn School, 1845-1871
Dearborn Street Bridge Construction Sign, 1960
Dearborn Street Bridge Construction Site, 1960
Dearborn Street Bridge Construction Site, 1963
Dearborn Street Bridge Construction Site, July 1960
Dearborn Street Bridge, 1972
Dedication of the Water Tower and Laying of the Cornerstone, March 25, 1867
Deep Draft Harbors in the Chicago District, 1947
"Defying the Authorities," c.1920
Democratic Convention Protests, 1968
Democratic National Convention, 1932
Demolition of Dearborn Street Bridge and Bridge Tender House, 1959
Demolition of Dearborn Street Bridge, 1959
Demolition of Old Post Office, 1966
Demonstration by Unemployed, 1932
Dempsey-Tunney Fight, 1927
Dennis O'Connor's Butcher Shop, c.1880
Descriptive Sketch of Lake Bluff
Detail from Map of Chicago Showing Location of All Catholic Churches, 1926
Detail of Watson's New Township and Sectional Map of Illinois, 1871
Dever Doorknob Flyer, 1923
Dexter Park Interior, 1908
Digest of the Plan of Chicago, 1909
Dill Pickle Club Advertisement
Dill Pickle Club Entrance, n.d.
Dime Store in Grayslake, c.1950s
Dinner with Mayor Edward J. Kelly, 1938
Diorama of Rush Street at the Chicago Historical Society, 1966
Disc Jockey Jack L. Cooper, 1954
Division Street Bridge at Goose Island, 1988
Dock Workers on the Calumet River near 95th Street Bridge, 1987
Dolton Municipal Building, 1973
Draft for Chapter 1, Plan of Chicago
Draft of Plan of Chicago, n.d.
Draft of Speech by Daniel H. Burnham, n.d.
DuPage County Almshouse, c. 1911
DuSable High School Basketball Team, 1954
DuSable Week Proclamation and Press Release, 1963
The Dunes Under Four Flags, The Historical Pageant of the Dunes, 1917
Dunes on South Chicago Beach, c. 1898
Dutch Dancers at Palmer Park Festival, 1910