Historical Sources

Historical Source
L - Lau
Law - Let
Let - Lum
Lum - Lum

L. Wolff Manufacturing Co. Plumbing Equipment Catalog, 1912
LaSalle St. Station, c.1904-1913
LaSalle Street Bridge, 1928
Labor Day Parade, Glen Ellyn, 1909
Lacey Family Letters regarding Typhoid, 1884
Lake Calumet Harbor, 1959
Lake County Fire Protection Districts, 2003
Lake County Municipalities and High School Districts, 2003
Lake Pistakee Cabins, 1948
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad Station, 1872
Lake Shore Drive Bridge over the Chicago River, 2004
Lake Steamer and Grain Elevator, Calumet River, 1948
Lake View Cycling Club, 1890s
Lake View Town Hall
Lakefront at 59th Street, 1920-1929
Lakeshore Property (Formerly U. S. Steel South Works), 1987
Land Sales in Gary, Indiana, n.d.
Lasting Effects of Snowstorm, 1967
Latvian Folk Dancing at Hull House, 1951
Laundry Room of Farley Residence, 1952
Lawrence and Kedzie Avenues (Northwest Corner), c.1935
Layers of Chicago Infrastructure (Lake St. and Wacker Dr.)
Layout of Fort Dearborn and Environs
Leather Workers, c. 1900
Legal Aid Society Offices, c.1910
Leiter Ledgerbook and Checks, 1898
Lemuel Bryant's Travel Journal, 1832
"Let's Look at the Facts . . . about Burr Ridge," c.1961
"Lets More Grain Go," 1897
Letter Regarding Chicago Resettlers' Committee, 1947
Letter and Restrictive Covenant, Auburn Park Property Restriction Association, Inc., 1929
Letter from A. A. McCormick to C. D. Norton, 1904
Letter from Carl Sandburg to U. S. Senator Paul H. Douglas, 1958
Letter from Dixwell Lathrop to John Rockwell, 11 June 1835
Letter from Herbert Brown to Edward Brennan, 1934
Letter of Caroline Palmer Clarke to Mary Clarke Walker, 1 November 1835
Letter of Charles Norton to Samuel Insull, 1907
Letter of Colonel W. H. Bixby to Frederic A. Delano
Letter of Commerce and Labor Department to Daniel H. Burnham, 1906
Letter of Daniel H. Burnham to Commerce and Labor Department, 1906
Letter of Daniel H. Burnham to Edward Bennett
Letter to Members of the Merchant's Club, 1906
Letters in Support of Public Bathing Beach on Lake Michigan, 1895
Leveling the Dunes for U.S. Steel, Gary, Indiana, 1906
Levitt Subdivision, Buffalo Grove, 1968
Life & Battles of Jack Johnson
Life of Mary Monholland, 1894
Lighthouse Keeper's Statistics, 1859
Limestone Quarry near Joliet Penitentiary, n.d.
Lincoln Funeral Procession, 1865
Lincoln Park Beach, n.d.
Lincoln Park Conservatory, 1906
Lincoln Room, Chicago Historical Society, 1931
"Loading Milk, Cloverdale, Ill.", c.1912-1913
Loan Store at Dearborn and Washington, 1962
Looking East on Devon Avenue, 1984
Loon Lake Ice House, n.d.
Lorado Taft's Fountain of the Great Lakes, 1929
Lotus Beds, Spring Grove, McHenry County
Lumber District, Harper's Weekly, 1886
Lumber Slips on Chicago River, n.d.