Historical Sources

Historical Source
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U. S. Department of Defense Access Road, 1970
U. S. Senator Paul Douglas, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Mayor George Chacharis, Floyd Swenk, and others in a Jeep at the Indiana Dunes, 1961
U. S. Troops on Lakefront, 1894
U.S. Mail Car, 1895-1915
Unemployed Men Distributing Cabbage, 1932
Union Depot, c.1906
Union Park, 1870
Union Station at Canal and Jackson Streets, 2004
Union Station, 1925
Union Stock Yard Canning Room, c.1890
Union Stock Yard Co., c.1910
Union Tailor Shop, n.d.
"Unions Stir Lake Geneva," Chicago Tribune, 1903
United Airlines Flight Crew at Midway Airport, c.1940s
United Nations on Northerly Isle, 1945
Unity Temple, 1913
University of Chicago Settlement House, n.d.
Unveiling of Logan monument, 1897
Updating Chalk Board at Board of Trade, 1948