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Holabird & Root

Holabird & Root

Proposal for Soldier Field, n.d.
In 1880, William Holabird and Ossian Simonds founded a Chicago architecture firm called Holabird & Simonds. In 1883, two years after the arrival of Martin Roche, the firm became Holabird & Roche. Soon after it was founded, the firm designed several of the city's first skyscrapers, including the Tacoma and Marquette buildings, in addition to homes and other structures. By the early 1890s, it employed as many as 40 draftsmen. By 1910, when Holabird & Roche had about 100 draftsmen, it stood as one of the largest architecture firms in the United States. In 1927, the company changed its name to Holabird & Root, as John Holabird (son of the founder) and John W. Root (the son of another Chicago architect) took over. By this time, the firm employed some 300 people. Holabird & Root continued to operate, with offices in Chicago and Rochester, Minnesota, through the end of the twentieth century, when it still employed several dozen architects and remained one of the city's 20 largest architectural firms.