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21 Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., ( Business Dictionary )
...plants in South Chicago and East Chicago, Indiana. During the mid-1930s, Youngstown employed about...
22 General American Transportation Corp., ( Business Dictionary )
...repair and maintenance shops in East Chicago, Indiana; it then began to manufacture new steel tank...
23 Safety-Kleen Corp., ( Business Dictionary )
...large oil-recycling plant in East Chicago, Indiana. The company's profits and rate of growth slowed...
24 U.S. Steel Corp., ( Business Dictionary )
...1906, U.S. Steel built a giant new plant in Gary, Indiana, southeast of Chicago. By the 1910s, the...
25 Pullman Inc., Martha T. Briggs. and Cynthia H. Peters( Business Dictionary )
...which had plants in Hammond and Michigan City, Indiana, as well as other U.S. locations. During the...

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