Business Entry
A - Ams
And - Aut

AMR Corp. (see American Airlines Inc. )
AT&T (see Western Electric Co. )
Abbott Laboratories
Ace Hardware Corp
Acme Steel Co.
Admiral Corp.
Alberto-Culver Co.
Allstate Corp.
American Airlines Inc.
American Biscuit and Manufacturing Co. (see National Biscuit Co. )
American Brake Shoe & Foundry Co. (see IC Industries Inc. )
American Can Co.
American Car & Foundry Co.
American Fur Co.
American Hospital Supply Corp.
American Steel Foundries
American Telephone and Telegraph Co. (see Western Electric Co. )
Ameritech Corp. (see Illinois Bell Telephone Co. )
Amoco Corp. (see Standard Oil Co. (Indiana) )
Amsted Industries Inc. (see American Steel Foundries )
Andersen (Arthur) & Co.
Andrew Corp.
Andrews (A. H.) & Co.
Anglo-American Provision Co.
Anixter Bros. Inc.
Aon Corp. (see Combined Insurance Co. of America )
Armour & Co.
Armour, Dole & Co.
Arnold, Schwinn & Co.
Automatic Canteen Co. of America
Automatic Electric Co.