Business Entry
C - Chi
Chi - Con
Con - Cur

CBI Industries (see Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. )
CDW Computer Centers, Inc.
CFS Continental Inc. (see Continental Coffee Co. )
CNA Financial Corp.
Canteen Corp. (see Automatic Canteen Co. of America )
Capsonic Group LLC
Carson Pirie Scott & Co.
Castle (A. M.) & Co.
Ceco Corp.
Chicago & North Western Railway Co.
Chicago American (see Hearst Newspapers )
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.
Chicago Daily News Inc.
Chicago Examiner (see Hearst Newspapers )
Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.
Chicago Great Western Railway Co.
Chicago Herald & Examiner (see Hearst Newspapers )
Chicago Motor Coach Co.
Chicago Packing & Provision Co.
Chicago Railways Co. (see Chicago Surface Lines )
Chicago Rapid Transit Co.
Chicago Ship Building Co.
Chicago Sun-Times (see Field Enterprises Inc. )
Chicago Surface Lines
Chicago Telephone Co. (see Illinois Bell Telephone Co. )
Chicago Times
Chicago Tribune (see Tribune Co. )
Chicago Yellow Cab Co. (see Yellow Cab Co. (of Chicago) )
Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railroad Co.
Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad Co.
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railway Co.
Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railway Co.
Chicago, Rock Island, & Pacific Railroad Co.
Chicago, South Shore & South Bend Railroad Co.
City Products Corp. (see Household Finance Corp. )
Combined Insurance Co. of America
Comdisco Inc.
Commerce Clearing House, Inc.
Commonwealth Edison Co.
Consolidated Foods Corp.
Container Corp. of America
Continental Assurance Co. (see CNA Financial Corp. )
Continental Can Co.
Continental Casualty Co. (see CNA Financial Corp. )
Continental Coffee Co.
Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co.
Corn Products Refining Co.
Cotter & Co. (see True Value Hardware )
Cracker Jack Co.
Crain Communications Inc.
Crane Co.
Crate & Barrel
Cudahy Packing Co.
Curtiss Candy Co.