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H. R. Page & Co. Guide Map of Chicago, 1879
Hainesville, IL
Hainesville, IL
Hair Care Products (see Cosmetics and Hair Care Products )
Haitian Building at the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Hall (W. F.) Printing Co.
Halsted Street Vertical Lift Bridge, 1894-1932
"Halt the Hun," 1918
Hammond (George H.) Co.
Hammond Bicentennial Yearbook, 1976
Hammond Organ Co.
Hammond, IN
Hammond, IN
Hampshire, IL
Hampshire, IL
Hand (Peter) Brewing Co.
Hanover Park, IL
Hanover Park, IL
Hardware Manufacturing
Harold Washington Campaign Office, 1983
Harold Washington Library Center, c.1990
Harold Washington Taking Oath of Office, 1983
Harold Washington Tribute to Richard J. Daley, 1986
Harold Washington and Raymund Castro, c.1983
Harpo Productions Inc.
Harriet Rosa's Reminiscences, 1850s
Harris Trust & Savings Bank
Hart, Schaffner & Marx
Harvard, IL
Harvard, IL
Harvey, IL
Harvey, IL
Harwood Heights, IL
Harwood Heights, IL
Hawthorn Woods, IL
Hawthorn Woods, IL
Haymarket Memorial, 2005
Haymarket Monument, Waldheim Cemetery
Haymarket Poster in Buenos Aires, 2002
Haymarket Riot Monument, by John Gelert, 1889
Haymarket and May Day
Hazardous Waste (see Waste, Hazardous )
Hazel Crest, IL
Hazel Crest, IL
Health (see Public Health )
Health Care Workers
Hearst Newspapers
Heat Wave of 1995
Heat Wave of 1995 (see Public Health )
Hebron, IL
Hebron, IL
Hebron, IN
Hebron, IN
Hegewisch, Community Area 55
Helene Curtis Industries Inc.
"Hello Democrats Welcome to Chicago," 1968
Helmke & Petersen Grocery Store, c.1883
Henderson (C. M.) & Co.
Henrici's Menu, 1933
Henry B. Clarke House, 1934
Henry C. Cowles, c.1913
Henry Holstein Property, 1874
Hermosa, Community Area 20
Hewitt Associates
Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.
"Hibbardville" in A Great-Grandmother Remembers by Addie Hibbard Gregory, 1940
Hickory Hills, IL
Hickory Hills, IL
Hickory St. Ramp to Goose Island from Ogden Avenue, 1988
High Culture
High-School Sports (see Sports, High-School )
Highland Park, IL
Highland Park, IL
Highland, IN
Highland, IN
Highway Map of Cook County, 1970
Highways (see Expressways )
Highways (see Streets and Highways )
Highwood, IL
Highwood, IL
Hillside, IL
Hillside, IL
Hilton Hotels Corp.
Hines (Edward) Lumber Co.
Hinsdale, IL
Hinsdale, IL
Historic Goose Island, Charles S. Winslow, 1938 (typescript)
The Historic Illinois & Michigan Canal Corridor in 1851
Historic Preservation
Historical Maps (Alphabetical)
Historical Maps (Chronological)
Hobart, IN
Hobart, IN
Hobo College
Hobo College, n.d.
Hockey (see Ice Hockey )
Hockey and Skating on Humboldt Park Lagoon, 1903
Hodgkins, IL
Hodgkins, IL
Hoffman Estates, IL
Hoffman Estates, IL
Holabird & Root
Holiday Hills, IL
Holiday Hills, IL
Holiday Inn of Elk Grove Village-Centex Industrial Park, 1968
Holy Name Cathedral, 1979
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, 1958
Home Building and Sanborn Insurance Atlases
Home Insurance Building, c.1905
Home Rule
Home and Training School for Nurses, Hahnemann Hospital, 1909
Homelessness and Shelters
Homer Glen, IL
Homer Glen, IL
Homes Away From Home
"The Homes of Chicago," Land Owner, May 1874
Homes on Goose Island, 1909
Hometown, IL
Hometown, IL
Homewood, IL
Homewood, IL
Honorary Frankie Knuckles Way, 2005
Horner (Henry) & Co.
Horse Racing
Horse-Drawn Omnibus, c.1890s
Horsecar, c.1900
Horsecars (see Street Railways )
House Moving
House Numbering and Street Numbering
House Sanitation Diagram, 1912
House of Eng Menu, 1944
House of the Good Shepherd / Chicago Industrial School for Girls
Houseboat Residents, Page 1
Houseboat Residents, Page 2
Houseboat Sinking, North Branch of the Chicago River, 1922
Houseboat of Elma Lockwood Streeter, 1922
Houseboat on the Chicago River at LaSalle Street, 1952
Houseboat on the North Branch of the Chicago River at Irving Park Road, 1930
Houseboats on the North Branch of the Chicago River at Belmont Avenue, 1927
Houseboats on the North Branch of the Chicago River near Western Avenue, 1927
Household Finance Corp.
Houses and Water
Housing Conditions for the Working Class
Housing Development in Park Forest, 1952
Housing Reform
Housing Types
Housing for the Elderly
Housing, Mail-Order
Housing, Self-Built
How Chicagoans Remember Their History
"How Grant Park Was Saved for People," Chicago Daily News, 8 June 1935
How the Plan Was Implemented
How the Plan Was Implemented
How to Dress at the Bathing Beaches
Hoyt (William M.) & Co.
Hubbard (Gurdon S.) & Co.
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Huckster, 47th & Wood, 1959
Hull House
Hull House Clinic, 1930s
Hull House Complex, c.1904-1913
Hull House Dance and Rhythm Festival, c.1920s
Hull House Map (Nationalities), 1895
Hull House Map (Wages), 1895
Hull House Maps Its Neighborhood
The Human Fly
The Human Fly (High Bandwidth)
The Human Fly (Low Bandwidth)
Humboldt Park
Humboldt Park
Humboldt Park, Community Area 23
Huntley, IL
Huntley, IL
Hyatt Hotels Corp.
Hyde Park
Hyde Park Art Center
Hyde Park Art Center, 1958
Hyde Park Township
"Hyde Park Will Come In," Chicago Daily News, 29 June 1889
Hyde Park, Community Area 41