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Pacific Garden Mission
Pacific Islanders
Packinghouse Unions
Painting, Land of Lincoln, by Roger Brown, 1978
Palatine, IL
Palatine, IL
Palmer House
Palmer Houses on Schiller Street
Palmer, Fuller & Co.
Palos Heights, IL
Palos Heights, IL
Palos Hills, IL
Palos Hills, IL
Palos Park, IL
Palos Park, IL
Pamphlet issued by Juvenile Protective Association of Chicago, 1916
Panoramic Aerial View of South Michigan Avenue, 1935
Panoramic View of Lake Shore Drive, 2004
Panoramic View of Navy Pier, 2004
Panoramic View of Northerly Island, 2004
Panoramic View of U.S. Steel Gary Works, 1936
Parade in Chinatown, 1928
Parish Life
Park City, IL
Park City, IL
Park Districts
Park Districts and Parks Map, 1913
Park Forest Centre
Park Forest, IL
Park Forest, IL
Park Ridge, IL
Park Ridge, IL
Parliament of Religions (see World's Parliament of Religions )
Passavant Cotillion, 1949
Passport of Nanni Helena Korolainen, 1921
Patel Brothers Grocery, 1984
Patrick Ryan (Aon Corporation) on the New Economy
Patriotic Clubs (see Clubs: Patriotic and Veterans' )
Peddling (see Street Peddling )
People and the Port
People's Gas Light & Coke Co.
Peoria County Tax Book, 1825
Peotone, IL
Peotone, IL
Pepper Construction Co.
Percentage of Foreign-Born
Pere Marquette in Tow on Chicago River at State Street Bridge, c.1904-1913
Perkins & Will
Peruvian National Exposition, 1942
Petition in Support of Public Bathing Beach on Lake Michigan, 1895
Petition to Illinois Central Railroad, 1891
Petroleum (see Refining )
Pettibone Mulliken Corp.
Pharmaceuticals (see Medical Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals )
Pharmacies (see Drug Retailing )
Phelps, Dodge & Palmer
Philip Armour and the Packing Industry
Philip Klutznick: Shopping as a Real-Estate Deal
Phoenix, IL
Phoenix, IL
Photo of Rebekah Wells Heald
Photo of Victoire Mirandeau Porthier
Photograph, The Running Horse--Dan Ryan Expressway, by Jay Wolke, 1985
Physical Education Class, Chicago Hebrew Institute, 1914
Picasso Sculpture in Daley Plaza
Picket Line, 1941
Pickwick Theater, c.1930
Picnic Groves: Ogden's Grove
Pig on Goose Island, 1911
Pilgrim Baptist Church, 1941
Pilsen Good Friday Parade, 1978
Pine Street (now Michigan Avenue) North from Huron Street, c.1886
Pingree Grove, IL
Pingree Grove, IL
Pinkerton National Detective Agency
Pinkerton Preventive Police Flyer, 1871
Pinstripe Patronage
Places of Assembly
"A Plain Talk on the Plan for the Future Development of Chicago," n.d.
Plainfield, IL
Plainfield, IL
The Plan Comes Together
Plan for Michigan Avenue Bridge
Plan for Proposed Comprehensive Terminal at the South End of Lake Calumet, 1953
Plan of Chicago
The Plan of Chicago
The Plan of Chicago
Plan of Chicago (Cover)
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Ashland Avenue), 1916
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Bird's-Eye View), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Bonds Promotion), 1908
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Chicago's Lesson), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Diagram of Proposed Superhighway System), 1927
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Diversion of Freight Traffic), 1914
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Downtown Projects), c.1920
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Industry and Population Density Estimates in the Chicago Region), 1919
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Master Diagram), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Michigan Avenue), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Paris), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Proposed Civic Center), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Rail Lines), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Shore Development), 1931
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (South Branch of Chicago River), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (South Water Street), 1917
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Unplanned Chicago), n.d.
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (West Side Highway), late 1920s
Plan of Chicago Promotional Campaign (Zoning), n.d.
The Plan of Chicago, Page 1
The Plan of Chicago, Page 2
Plan of Manila in Plan of Chicago
Plan of Minneapolis, page 55
Planners in Daniel Burnham's Office, 1908
Planning Before the Plan
Planning Chicago
Planning, City and Regional
Plano Manufacturing Co. (see International Harvester Co. )
Plans for Julia Lathrop Homes (formerly Diversey Housing Project), c.1930s
Plant Communities
Plantation Café
Plaque Commemorating Opening of Michigan Avenue Bridge
Plat Map of Cook County, 1861
Plate 129, Plan of Chicago, 1909
Platinum Technology Inc.
Playboy Enterprises Inc.
"Playground Ball" at Marshal Swenie Playground, 1907
Playground Movement
Playgrounds and Small Parks
Playskool Inc.
Plzensky Sokol, 1920s
Poetry Slam
Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, 1915 (Cover)
Policemen Taking Sergeants Exam, c.1904
Polish Mountaineers' Parade, 1965
Polish National Alliance
Polish Roman Catholic Union of America
Political Conventions
Political Culture
Politicians on Stage, 1931
Politics and the Press
Politics, State (see State Politics )
Polk Street Ferry and Bridge, 1908
Polk Street, c.1957
Polling Place at Assyrian National Council, 2005
Pollution (see Air Quality )
"Pollution Foe Stirs Big Stench," 1970
Pollution and Polio, 1945
Popular Diversions
Population (see Demography )
Population Density by Wards, 1904
Populations of Chicago, Suburbs, and Downstate, 1950-2000
Pork Packing and Canning, 1880
Port Barrington, IL
Port Barrington, IL
Portage Park
Portage Park, Community Area 15
Portage, IN
Portage, IN
Porter, IN
Porter, IN
Portion of the South Side Levee, 1910
Portrait of Charles H. Wacker, n.d.
Portrait of Daniel H. Burnham
Portrait of Edward H. Bennett
Portrait of Jules Guerin, 1924
Portrait of William B. Ogden
Portrait of William E. Dever
Portrait of World's Columbian Exposition Planners
Posen, IL
Posen, IL
Post Office and View Southwest from Board of Trade, 1951
Post Offices (see Industrial Pollution )
Postcard of Woman's Building, 1893
Poster Depicting "$acred Motherhood," 1908
Poster for Altgeld Mass Meeting, 1894
Poster for Dedication Ceremony for Ida B. Wells Homes, 1940
Poster for DuPage County Centennial Police-Fireman Exhibition, 1939
Poster for Earl B. Dickerson, 1938
Potter Palmer Account Ledgers, 1889-1891
Prairie Avenue
Prairie Avenue
Prairie Avenue Gallery
Prairie Avenue Politics
Prairie Avenue South of 18th Street, 1951
Prairie Avenue, 1853
Prairie Avenue, 1853
Prairie Avenue, 1853-2003 (Map)
Prairie Avenue, 1853-2003 / Key
Prairie Avenue, 1886
Prairie Avenue, 1911
Prairie Avenue, 1950
Prairie Avenue, 1982
Prairie Avenue, 2003
Prairie Avenue, Arthur Meeker, 1949
Prairie Club Bulletin, 1917
Prairie Farmer
Prairie Grove, IL
Prairie Grove, IL
Prairie School of Architecture (see Architecture: The Prairie School )
Preliminary Outline for Chapter One of the Plan of Chicago
Premark International Inc. (see Kraft Inc. )
Premark International Inc. (see Illinois Tool Works Inc. )
Prep Bowl Game Advertisement, 1934
Preservation (see Historic Preservation )
Press Club's Anti-Red Mass Meeting, 1920
Press Release by Senator Paul H. Douglas on Indiana Dunes, 1966
The Press and Labor in the 1880s
Press: Neighborhood Press
Press: Suburban Press
Pressed Steel Car Co. (see General American Transportation Corp. )
Presses, University
Preston Bradley
Printer's Row
Prisoners of War at Camp Douglas, 1863
Prisons (see Jails and Prisons )
Private Memorandum and Loan Guarantee, 1908
Private and Public Beaches, Page 1
Private and Public Beaches, Page 2
Private and Public Beaches, Page 3
Private and Public Beaches, Page 4
Private and Public Beaches, Page 5
Private room, St. Luke's Hospital, n.d.
Produce Exhibit, World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Program Cover, Chicago Opera House, 1889
Progress of the Chicago Fire of 1871
Progressive Education
Prohibition and Temperance
Promotional Poster for Cavalcade of the American Negro, 1940
Properties Claimed for Construction of Dan Ryan Expressway, 1953-1954
Property Assessment
Proposal for Soldier Field, n.d.
Proposed Chicago River Straightening Project, 1921
Proposed Improvements in Calumet River, 1953
Proposed Plan for Improving the Mouth of the Chicago River, 1830
Prospect Heights, IL
Prospect Heights, IL
Protesters Gather in Grant Park, 1968
Provident Hospital
Providing Services
Public Art (see Art, Public )
Public Baths (see Baths, Public )
Public Broadcasting
Public Buildings in the Loop
The Public Faces of Religion
Public Gatherings
Public Health
Public Housing
Public Schools (see Schools and Education )
Public Speaking (see Free Speech )
Public Speaking (see Lectures and Public Speaking )
Public Transportation
Public Works, Federal Funding for
Publication Committee Minutes, 1909
Publication of Luxemburger Bruderbund von Amerika, 1910
Publishing and Media, Religious
Publishing, Book
Puerto Ricans
Pullman Arcade Building, 1885
Pullman Girls' Soccer Team, 1922
Pullman Inc.
Pullman Labor Day Parade, 1901
Pullman Sleeping Car, 1940
Pullman Strike
Pullman Water Tower, between 1890 and 1901
Pullman and Lowden Families, 1896
Pullman, Community Area 50
Pupils' Reunion Concert Program, 1881
Purdue University Calumet
Pure Oil Co.