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R. R. Donnelley & Sons, 1950
Race Divisions on Public Beaches, Page 1
Race Divisions on Public Beaches, Page 2
Race Riots
Racial Restrictive Covenants on Chicago's South Side in 1947
Racism, Ethnicity, and White Identity
Radio Orchestras
Rail Yards West of Loop, 1930s
Railroad Commuting to Chicago in 1934
Railroad Stations
Railroad Strike of 1877
Railroad Supply Industry
Railroad Workers
Railroads and Chicago's Loop, circa 1930
Railway Eating House Advertisement, c.1863
Railway Map of Chicago and Environs, 1879
Rainbow Beach
Raising Funds for City Planning, 1906
Rally for Chicago Plan Bonds, 1919
Ralph Metcalfe: Champion Sprinter and Free-Thinking Politician
Rand McNally & Co.
Rand McNally & Co. Map of Chicago, 1886
Rand McNally & Co.'s New Street Number Guide Map of Chicago, 1910
Rand McNally Press, c.1946
Rand, McNally & Co.'s Map of the Central Portion of Chicago, 1895
Rand, McNally & Co.'s Pictorial Guide to Chicago, 1890
Rapid Transit System
Rationalization of Streets
Ravine in Highland Park, 1912
Raymond Hilliard Center, 1966
The Reach of Prairie Avenue Businesses
Reading the Plan
Real Estate
Real Estate Research Corporation
Rear Houses
Rear Houses, Near West Side, c.1910
Rebuilt Grand Pacific Hotel, 1872
Recollecting Childhood Experiences
Record Publishing
Recreational Facilities in Chicago's Loop
Red Cross Volunteers during Flu Epidemic, 1919
Red Squad
Red Star Inn Menu, 1959
Redlining: Discrimination in Residential Mortgage Loans (cover), 1975
Rees & Rucker Map of Chicago and Vicinity, 1849
Regal Theater
Regal Theater and Savoy Ballroom, 1941
Regional Planning (see Governing the Metropolis )
Regional Planning (see Planning, City and Regional )
Regional Transportation Authority
Regional Waterways Map, 2004
Relief and Subsistence Aid
Religion and Society
Religion, Chicago's Influence on
Religious Diversity on Chicago's Southwest Side in 2002
Religious Education (see Catholic School System )
Religious Education (see Seminaries )
Religious Geography
Religious Institutions
Religious Publishing (see Publishing and Media, Religious )
Religious Services at Beth Moshav Z'keinim, 1964
Religious Settlements (see Settlements, Religious )
Remarks of Clarence A. Burley at Site of Old Fort Dearborn, 1922
Renaissance Society
Rendering for Sears Tower by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1971
Rent Control
Reopening of Illinois and Michigan Canal, 1871
Replica of Chicago's Water Tower, 2000
"Replica of the Original Fort Dearborn," Chicago Tribune, 5 March 1899
Report Made to the Water Commissioners of the City of Chicago, September 26, 1851, on Supplying the City with Water
Report of the Board of Health, 1849
Report on Under-Sidewalk Toilets, 1936
Reproduction of Fort Dearborn at the Century of Progress Exposition, 1933
Reproduction of Memory
Reproduction of Memory, Page 2
Republic Steel Corp.
Republican National Convention, 1908
Republican Party
Republican Poster, 1934
Rescue Missions
Residential Hotels
Resorts: Summer Journey to Saugatuck
Restrictive Covenants
Retail Geography
Retail Shopping, 1873
Retail Workers
Revised Charter, City of Chicago, Chapter 7, Section 43 (1863)
Revised Preliminary Plan of Grant Park, 1903
Rhythm and Blues
Rich Maps
Richard Chase, State Street Bridge, 1930
Richmond, IL
Richmond, IL
Richton Park, IL
Richton Park, IL
Ring Lardner and Chicago Sports Reporting
Ringwood, IL
Ringwood, IL
Riot at Blue Island, 1894
Ritchie (W. C.) & Co.
The River Breaks the Grid
River City as seen from the Chicago River, c.2000
River Forest, IL
River Forest, IL
River Grove, IL
River Grove, IL
River Street at Rush Street Bridge, 1914 or 1915
River Traffic at Rush Street Swing Bridge, c.1900
Riverdale, Community Area 54
Riverdale, IL
Riverdale, IL
Riverine Systems
Riverside Water Tower, 1972
Riverside in 1871
Riverside, IL
Riverside, IL
Riverview Park, c. 1909
Riverwoods, IL
Riverwoods, IL
Robbins, IL
Robbins, IL
Robert Forsyth's Plumbing Store, 1868-1869
Robert Galvin on Catholic Schools and Virtual Perfection
Robert Maynard Hutchins and the University of Chicago
Robert Morris College
Robert Taylor Homes
Robinson's Atlas of the City of Chicago, 1886
Robinson's Map of Chicago (entire), 1886
Rock Music
Rockdale, IL
Rockdale, IL
Roger Ebert on Hoop Dreams
Rogers Park
Rogers Park, Community Area 1
Rolling Meadows, IL
Rolling Meadows, IL
Rolling Mechanism on Cermak Road bridge (Scherzer Rolling Lift), looking north, n.d.
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago
Roman Catholics
Romeoville, IL
Romeoville, IL
Rookery Building, 1905
Rookery Building, c. 1888
Room for Improvement
Roosevelt University
Roseland, Community Area 49
Roselle, IL
Roselle, IL
Rosemont, IL
Rosemont, IL
Ross & Browne Real Estate Map of Central Chicago, 1928
Rotary International
Round Lake Beach, IL
Round Lake Beach, IL
Round Lake Heights, IL
Round Lake Heights, IL
Round Lake Park, IL
Round Lake Park, IL
Round Lake, IL
Round Lake, IL
Route 83 Looking South, 1974
Royko: What Clout Is
Rube Foster, 1909
Ruins of Field, Leiter & Co. Building, 1871
Rush Street Bridge and Shoreline, 1860
Rush Street Bridge from Norton's Block, 1861
Rush Street Bridge, Page 1
Rush Street Bridge, Page 2
Rush for Life Over the Randolph Street Bridge (Chicago In Flames)
Ruth Page, 1986
Ruth Page: A Chicago Dance Institution
Ryerson (Joseph T.) & Son