Historical Sources

Historical Source
E - Elm
Emm - Ext

E. E. Swiney Advertisement, 1880
East on Chicago River from Wolf Point, c.2000
East on Chicago River toward Rush and State Street Bridges, c.1910s
East on W. 103rd Street from S. Longwood Drive, 1908
East toward Cermak Road bridge (Scherzer Rolling Lift), n.d.
Eastland Disaster Rescue Efforts, 1915
Edgar Bancroft to Charles Norton, 1905
Edgewater Advertisement, 1888
Edgewater Beach Hotel, 1930
Edward Brennan Scrapbook, 1901
Edward Brennan, 1926
Edward E. Ayer Residence, 1964
Edward E. Ayer Residence, Bathroom, 1964
Effects of a Tornado along the Fox River in Elgin, 1920
Egg-Breaking Plant, 1941
Election Returns, 1830
Electric Trolley, Franklin and Madison Streets, 1906
Ellis S. Chesbrough, c.1870
Elm Tree Grove, 1908
Elmhurst Volunteer Fire Department, 1920
Emmanuel Church Bread Line, 1932
Employees in Chicago Laundry, 1903
Entrance to Ravinia, 1931
Essanay Studios, c. 1910
Estupendo Festival, 1937
Ethnic Classifications of Pullman Co. Employees, 1890
Eucharistic Congress, Chicago Daily News, 1926
Evening Classes at the Armour Institute of Technology, 1906-1907
Exhibits on the Midway Plaisance, 1893
Existing and Proposed Channels and Bridges, Calumet-Sag Project, 1953
Existing and Proposed Highways in the Metropolitan Region, c.1926
Exterior of Bridewell Prison, c.1903
Exterior of the Carter H. Harrison Water Intake Crib, 1910