Historical Sources

Historical Source
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I.W.W. Songs, 1918
Ice Boating in Chicago, 1929
Ice Hockey, 1923
Ice Skaters in Washington Park, c.1905
Ice Skating on Navy Pier, n.d.
Icon of Annunciation, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church
Ida Honore Grant, Grace Brown Palmer, and Bertha Honore Palmer, 1916
If Christ Came to Chicago, Appendix C: Some Curiosities of Chicago Assessments, 1894
Illinois & Michigan Canal Scrip
Illinois Central Freight Yards, pre-1952
Illinois Central Railroad Depot, 1858
Illinois Central Railroad Slip, 1895
Illinois Central Railroad Station, 1964
Illinois Central Railroad north from Harrison Street toward Van Buren Street Station and Viaduct, 1896
Illinois Central Randolph Street Station, 1893
Illinois Delegation Parades for Adlai Stevenson, 1952
Illinois Steel Works and Harbor Entrance, 1890-1901
Illinois Steel Works in Joliet, 1880-1901
Illinois Training School for Nurses, 1881-1883
Illinois Tunnel Company Warehouse, 1910
Illinois and Michigan Canal Lots, 1850
Illinois and Michigan Canal Telegram, 1848
Illinois-Wisconsin Boundary Line, 1846
Imaginary View of Site of Chicago, 1779
Immaculate Conception Church, c.1934
Incorporation Act of Little Fort, 1837
Increases in Poverty, 1970-1980
Indiana Dunes, n.d.
Indoor Baseball Game, 1905
Indoor Ice Tennis, 1918
Industrial Chicago, "Building Interests," 1891
Infant Welfare Society Poster, c. 1910s
Insurance Company Employees, 1941
Interior of Bridge Tender's House on Michigan Avenue, 1953
Interior of Bridge Tender's House, 95th Street Bridge, 1987
Interior of Dominick's Supermarket, 1962
Interior of Houseboat, 1903
Interior of Lake Breeze Restaurant, 1983
Interior of Restaurant, c.1895
Interior of Rockefeller Chapel, n.d.
Interior of St. Anthony's Church, c.1940s
Interior of St. Stanislaus Kostka, 1942
Interior of Unity Temple, 1965
International Eucharistic Congress Mass, 1926
International Golden Gloves Program, 1938
International Harvester Company Annual Report, 1930
Intersection of E. 79th St., S. Chicago and S. Stony Island Aves., 1953
Interstate Exposition Building, 1880s
Invitation to a Viewing of the Plan of Chicago, 1908
"Irishmen Attention!," Campaign Poster, 1887
Italian Agency, c.1902
Italian Americans at St. Joseph's Beach, c. 1940s