Historical Sources

Historical Source
M - Map
Map - May
May - Met
Mex - Mil
Min - Muh
Mun - My

Mabel Vernon Addressing Crowd at Van Buren Street and Michigan Avenue, 1916
Madonna della Strada Chapel, Loyola University, 1951
Majetic Saloon, c.1903
"Making Chicago Interesting and Attractive," 1926
Mandel Brothers Advertisement in New World, 1934
Manhattan Beach, 1914
Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building in Ruins, 1894
Manufacturing Employment in Chicago, 1951
Map of Chicago and Additions, 1836
Map of Chicago and Environs, 1888
Map of Chicago and Suburbs, 1921
Map of Chicago in 1812
Map of Chicago's Gangland, 1931
Map of Chicago, 1835
Map of Cook and DuPage, and parts of Kane, Kendall, and Will Counties, 1851
Map of Graceland Cemetery
Map of Intercommunity Councils, 1963
Map of Lake Forest, 1873
Map of Northwest Territory, 1795
Map of Pullman Company Rail Network, 1885
Map of Sewers and Sewerage District, 1857
Map of Union Stock Yard, 1891
Margaret Dreier Robins with Garment Strikers, 1915
Marina City Towers, 1965
Marion Drake, Candidate for Alderman, 1914
Marquette's Map
Marshall Field & Co. Catalog, 1896
Marshall Field & Company Store, c.1904-1913
Marshfield Avenue Station of the Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad
Mary McDowell and Jane Addams, 1917
Masonic Temple, 1894
"Matter for Financiers," 1887
Maxwell Street Market, 1917
Maxwell Street Musician, 1959
Maxwell Street, 1941
Mayfield Avenue Bathroom, 1953
Mayfield Avenue Kitchen, 1953
Mayor Martin Kennelly at Municipal (Midway) Airport, 1947
Mayor William Hale Thompson Voting, 1916
Mayor William Hale Thompson at Weeghman Park, 1915
Maypole Dancing
McCormick Works of International Harvester Co., c.1910
McLaughlin's Coffee Advertisement, c.1890
McVicker's Theatre, Before 1871 Fire
Mecca Building, 1951
Medical Technicians, Wesley Hospital, 1951
Medinah Athletic Club Swimmers, 1929
"Meeting the Challenge of the Seaway," 1959
Meigs Field, 1972
Members of the Anti-Saloon League, 1910
Members of the Goose Island Fire Department, 1907
Memorial Day Massacre Confrontation
Men's Dormitory Beds at Pacific Garden Mission, 1980
Menu for American Airlines Trans-Atlantic Flight, 1945
Menu from a Ball in Honor of the Prince of Wales, 1860
Merchandise Mart, 1949
Merchant's Club Committee Minutes, 1906
Messenger Boys Strike, 1902
Metra North Western Station (Ogilvie Transportation Center), 1988
Metropolitan Correctional Center, 1976
Mexican Independence Day Parade, 1984
Mexican Workers in Willow Springs, 1917
Michael A. Bilandic Campaign Literature and Recipe Booklet, 1979
Michigan Avenue Bridge, 2004
Michigan Avenue Bridge, View South from Fifteenth Floor of Tribune Tower, 1935
Michigan Avenue Northward in Plan of Chicago, 1909
Michigan Avenue South from Jackson Street, mid-1880s
Michigan Avenue and Congress Street, 1868-1869
Michigan Avenue and Lakefront, View South from the Railway Exchange Building (224 S. Michigan Avenue), c.1920
Michigan Avenue at Grant Park, 1890
Michigan Avenue at Randolph Before Widening, c.1918
Michigan Avenue at the Chicago River, View South, 1925
Michigan Avenue with View of The Art Institute, by Richard Estes, 1984
Michigan Avenue, 1929
Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments, 1951
Midway Gardens, 1914
Midwest Stock Exchange, 1940
Millennium Park and View Northeast from Santa Fe Building, 2004
Milwaukee Avenue Bank Failure, 1906
Milwaukee Avenue in Niles, 1913
Minutes of a Meeting on City Planning, 1907
"Miss Pullman Weds," Chicago Times-Herald, 30 April 1896
"Modern kitchen," Park Ridge, 1910
Montauk Block, c.1880
Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalogue, "Economy in Plumbing," 1918
Montgomery Ward & Co., Wardway Homes, 1926
Montgomery Ward Catalog, 1912
Monthly North-West Side Bulletin, 1914
Monument to Stephen A. Douglas, 1928
Mortality of Chicago, 1844-1920
A Mother's Record, 1895
Mothers' Day Peace March, 1983
Motorola Co. in Schaumburg, 1968
Mount Baldy, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, 1994
Mounted Police, 1941
Mouth of the Calumet River, 1973
Moving Day, 1907
"Mud Lake," 1908
Muhammad Speaks to the Blackman, 1960
Muhammad Speaks, June 1968
Municipal Airport, 1929
Municipal Pier, 1916
Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, 1923
Mural along the Eisenhower Expressway, 2004
Mural, Casa Aztlan, by Marcos Raya et al., 1977
Mural, History of the Packinghouse Worker, by William Walker, 1974
Mural, Homage to the Chicago School, by Richard Haas, 1980
Mural, I Welcome Myself to a New Place: Roseland Pullman Mural, Olivia Gude, Jon Pounds, and Marcus Jefferson, 1988
My Chicago River, 1924