Historical Sources

Historical Source
S - Sch
Sch - Ska
Ska - Sou
Sou - Sta
Sta - Sto
Str - Swi

S. R. Crown Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology, c. 1956
An S.O.S to the Public Spirited Citizens of Chicago, 1924 (Cover)
Sailboat Parade on the Chicago River, 2003
Sailboats at Van Buren Street Breakwater, 1905
Saloon Building
Saloons Near the Stockyards, 1907
Salvation Army Meeting, 1902
Samuel Adams, Bridge Tender, 1911
Samuel Gross's North Addition Subdivision, 1883
San Carlo Ristorante Menu, 1934
Sanctuary: A Justice Ministry, c.1983
Sandburg Village, 1964
Sanitary and Ship Canal Album, 1892-1900
Sanitary and Ship Canal Construction Cranes, 1895
Sans Souci Amusement Park, 1908
Santa Fe Building from Grant Park, 2004
Save the Dunes Council Mailing, 1959
"Scenes in a Camp Meeting in McHenry Co., Ill.," 1853
Schlitz Beer Wagon, 1890s
Schloesser & Co. Grocery, 1908
Schuttler and Hotz Advertisement
Schwabischer Sangerbund, Lincoln Turner Hall, 1934
Scrubwomen, Union Station, 1943
Sculpture, Big Bil-Bored, by Nancy Rubins, 1980
Second City Cast on Stage, 1960
Second Presbyterian Church, pre-1871
Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, U. S. Senators Alan Bible and Paul Douglas at the Indiana Dunes, 1961
Sectional View of Water System, 1871
Selig Polyscope Lot, 1914
Senator Homer Capehart Letter to Editors, 1959
Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist, 1968
Sharp, Clarke & Co. in Graphic News, 1886
Ships in Calumet Harbor, c.1973
Shopping District in St. Charles, 1929
Siebel's Brewing Academy, c. 1902-1904
Sign in Bullpen Door at Comiskey Park, 1991
Signing of the Treaty of Greenville, 1795
Silver Brooch, c.1799-1800
Silver Cross Made by John Kinzie, c.1820
Skating Shelter in Hubbard Woods, 1952
Skating at the Chicago Daily News Ice Carnival, 1926
Skokie Marsh, n.d.
Slavic Song and Dance Festival Program, 1946
Smashing Slot Machines, 1907
Socialist, 1879
Society of Typographic Arts Flyer
Soldiers in Gary during Steel Strike, 1919
Solicitation Letter to Plan of Chicago Supporters, 1908
Soto Meat Market, 1983
South Holland Farm Houses, n.d.
South Holland, Illinois: A History, 1846-1966
South Michigan Avenue in Roseland, 1915
South Shore Beach Conditions, c.1920
South Shore Drive, c.1896
South Side "L," 1893
South Side Bowling Alley, 1941
"South Side," Bird's-Eye Views and Guide to Chicago, Rand McNally & Co., 1893
South State Street Arcades and Theaters, c.1912
South State Street Vice District, 1944
South Water Street Market, West from Dearborn, c.1900-1910
South Water Street, 1892
Souvenir Map of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Soybean Harvest in Naperville, 2000
Sparta ABA Soccer Team, 1945
Speed Skating Course on Humboldt Park Lagoon, 1902
Spells Brothers Gospel Singers, n.d.
Spiegel's Furniture Ad, 1905
Sport Fishermen, Calumet River, 1987
St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church, 1966
St. Charles Bridge over Fox River, 1932
St. Ignatius Church, 1910s
St. Joseph's Bohemian Orphanage, 1922
St. Mary's Catholic Church
St. Patrick's Day Parade, 1949
St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, 1910s
St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 1929
Stagg Field, 1927
Standard Oil Gas Station, post-1914
Standard Oil Refinery, n.d.
Stanford Park Playground, n.d.
Starr Hotel, 1954
State Board of Charities, 1908
State Street Subway Look South as a Northbound Train Approaches the Jackson-Van Buren Station, 1943
State Street Swing Bridge, c.1889
State and Madison, c. 1905
Statement of Senator Paul H. Douglas on a National Park in the Indiana Dunes, 1959
Statement of U.S. Senator Paul H. Douglas regarding Indiana Dunes, 1962
Stateville Prison in Joliet, 1992
Stateway Gardens, 1959
Statistics Showing Growth of the Water Works System of the City of Chicago From 1854 Until 1904 (Chicago Department of Public Works Annual Report, 1904)
Statue of the Republic and Grand Basin, 1893
Statutes of Illinois, Acts of 1871 and 1872
Steel Mills from Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, 1994
Steinmetz Saloon, South Loop, 1898
Stephen R. Beggs on Circuit Riders, 1834
"Still Some Fight Left in the Fox," 1999
Storefront Baptist Church, 1941
Storefront Church and Lunch Wagon, 1941
Story of Goose Island
"The Story of the Lake Front," 1936
Street Raising on Lake Street between Clark and LaSalle Streets, 1850s
Street in Cairo, 1893
Streetcar Direct to World's Fair, 1933
Streetcar Terminus at Howard and Clark Streets, 1911
Striking Illinois Central Railroad Workers in Burnside, 1911
Studebaker Map of World's Columbian Fairgrounds, 1893
Students and faculty at the Institute of Design, c.1950
Surgical Clinic at Rush Medical College, 1890s
Surveying Equipment of James Thompson, 1830
Swedish Old People's Home, Norwood Park, 1925
Swenson's Greenhouse
Swimming Lessons in Lake Michigan at 51st Street Beach, 1917
Swimming Race, Chicago River, 1908
Swimming around a Dam on the Desplaines River, 1926
Swimming in Lake Michigan at the Edgewater Athletic Club, 1929