Historical Sources

Historical Source
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Tow - Typ

Taking Refuge from the Flames, 1871
"Tavern Owner Slain in Beer Syndicate War," 1932
Ted Williams at Wilson Sporting Goods factory, 1949
Temperance Parade, 1908
Terrace Garden Restaurant, c. 1920s
Testing Hair Dye at the Alberto-Culver Company Plant, 1966
Thai House Cafe, 1983
Theatre Chair Assembly, 1951
Third Annual Charlie Parker Memorial Jazz Concert, 1957
This Is Cook County, 1958
This Pamphlet Tells What You Ought to Know about Harvey
Thompson's Plat of 1830
Thos. Kelly & Bros. Catalog, 1893
Thos. Kelly & Bros. Catalog, 1898
Ticket to Army-Navy football game, 1926
Ticket to Joe Louis - Jim Braddock fight, 1937
Title Page of What of the City?, 1919
Tonk Manufacturing Company Employees, 1893
Topsy Turvy Times Display, 1926
Tossing a Frisbee on Oak Street Beach, 1983
Town of Jefferson Annexation Petition, 1886
Townships of Kane County, 1936
Trade Cards, c.1886-1890
Traffic on Dearborn and Randolph, 1909
Training School for City, Home and Foreign Missions, 1899
Travel and Transport Building, Century of Progress, 1932
Treaty of Greenville (typescript), 1795
Treaty of Greenville (written draft), 1795
Tri-State Toll Plaza, 1964
Trunk of Rebekah Wells Heald
Turner Camp, Cary, 1919
Twelfth and Jefferson Streets, 1906
Twig, Acorn, and Leaf of the Bur Oak, 1955
Two Campers on Wolf Lake at 129th St., 1987
Typhoid Deaths in Chicago, 1870 to 1926
Typhoid Fever and Water Supply in Chicago, 1902
Typhoid Fever in Chicago, 1892
"Typical Goose Island Residence," 1891