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Maps Created by Encyclopedia of Chicago Staff

Maps Created by Encyclopedia of Chicago Staff
Ancient Indian Earthworks in the Chicago Region
Annexations and Additions to the City of Chicago
Blues Clubs in Chicago, 1945-2001
Calumet Region
Changing Origins of Metropolitan Chicago’s Foreign-Born Population
Chicago Area Before Human Transformation
Chicago-Area Expressways in 2001
Chicago Area’s Iron and Steel Industry
Chicago Housing Authority Family Projects
Chicago’s Community Areas
Chicago’s Deep Tunnel System in 2003
Chicago’s Ethnic Mosaic in 1980
Chicago’s Ethnic Mosaic in 2000
Chicago’s Evolving Economic Geography
Chicago’s Freight Tunnels, c. 1930
Chicago’s Lakefront Landfill
Chicago’s Place in the Water Routes of the Great Lakes Indian World, 1600-1830
Chicago’s Railroad Pattern in 1950
Chicago’s Rapid Transit Lines
Chicago’s Residential Patterns According to Census Racial Categories in 2000
Chicago’s Retail Centers in 1948
Chicago’s Retail Centers in 2000
Chicago’s Street Railways in 1890
Chicago’s World—Within a Day’s Travel
Commuting in Metropolitan Chicago in 1970
Commuting in the Walking City in 1854
Commuting: The Journey to Work in Chicago in 1980
Commuting: Railroad Commuting to Chicago in 1934
County Boundaries in the Chicago Area
Economic Origins of Metropolitan Chicago Communities
Fire Limits in Chicago in the 1870s
Fire of 1871 (Progress of the Chicago Fire of 1871)
The Great Lakes
Growth of the Chicago Metropolitan Area
The Historic Illinois & Michigan Canal Corridor in 1851
Illinois Central Railroad Links to Chicago
Indian Settlement Pattern in the Chicago Region, c. 1830
Initial Land Sales in Northeastern Illinois
Interurbans in the Chicago Region
Labor Unrest in Chicago, April 25-May 4, 1886
Land Subdivision and Urbanization on Chicago’s Northwest Side
Metropolitan Chicago Reference Map
Movie Theaters in Chicago, 1926, 1937 and 2002
Organized Crime in 1920s Chicago
Prairie Avenue: Chicago’s Prairie Avenue Elite in 1886
Prairie Avenue: Neighborhood Change, 1853-2003
Racial Restrictive Covenants on Chicago’s South Side in 1947
Railroads and Chicago’s Loop, c. 1930
Recreational Facilities in Chicago’s Loop
Religious Geography: Chicago’s Non-Judeo-Christian Congregations in 2002
Religious Geography: Churches of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in the Chicago Area
Religious Geography: Jewish Congregations on the Move in Chicago, 1849-2002
Religious Geography: Locational Stability: Saint Aloysius Parish, Chicago in 1951
Religious Geography: Religious Diversity on Chicago’s Southwest Side in 2002
Southern Distribution of the Chicago Defender, 1919
Women’s Garment Factories in Chicago in 1925