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Ringwood, IL

Ringwood, IL

McHenry County, 55 miles NW of the Loop. After the C&NW railroad built through a large treeringed meadow, area residents platted a village there in 1854. Although little growth occurred for over a century, in 1994, fearing that they would lose their historic identity to an expanding Johnsburg, residents voted to incorporate. The population in 2000 was 471.

Ringwood, IL (inc. 1994)
Year Total
(and by category)
  Foreign Born Native with foreign parentage Males per 100 females
1990 520  
2000 471   6.6% 104
  465 White alone (98.7%)      
  1 Black or African American alone (0.2%)      
  3 Asian alone (0.6%)      
  1 Some other race alone (0.2%)      
  1 Two or more races (0.2%)      
  2 Hispanic or Latino* (0.4%)      
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