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"Let's Look at the Facts . . . about Burr Ridge," c.1961

"Let's Look at the Facts . . . about Burr Ridge," c.1961
With rapid population growth in DuPage County after World War II, new subdivisions incorporated and municipalities, and many municipalities sought to expand their boundaries. The Hinsdale village board approved annexing Burr Ridge in April 1961, but the annexation required the agreement of voters at an August referendum. The board argued that the annexation was necessary to control future development, that the small population of Burr Ridge would not dilute the voice of existing Hinsdale residents, and that approval would guarantee the future annexation of an otherwise noncontiguous property owned by International Harvester. Although voters rejected the plan, in subsequent years both Hinsdale and Burr Ridge succeeded in their own aggressive annexations of adjoining territory as they sought to control and benefit from economic development.