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Red Star Inn Menu, 1959

Red Star Inn Menu, 1959
Located at 1528 N. Clark Street (across from Germania Hall), the Red Star Inn was an important institution in Chicago's German community and a popular North Side tavern for more than seventy years. Opened by German immigrant Carl "Papa" Gallauer and originally called Zum Roten Stern ("Under the Red Star"), the restaurant began serving German cuisine in 1899. Dishes included apple pancakes, Hoppel-Poppel (scrambled eggs, frankfurters, mushrooms, and onions), Hasenpfeffer (rabbit stew), Konigsberger Klops (German meatballs), and Wiener Schnitzel a la Holstein (breaded veal served with a sunny-side-up egg and anchovies), along with traditional American dishes like roast beef, baked ham, and steak. The restaurant closed in 1970, when developers purchased and razed the property for use as part of the Sandberg Village complex.