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Kungsholm Menu, 1952

Kungsholm Menu, 1952
From the 1940s through the 1970s, the Kungsholm restaurant offered Swedish smorgasbord from its location in the former McCormick Mansion at the corner of Rush and Ontario Streets. Swedish and American flags flew above the entrance, along with a model Viking ship. A large table in the center of the main dining room was laden with items from the three traditional stages of smorgasbord dining: herring and seafood; hot entrees, like Kalvfild a la Oscar (veal tenderloin with shrimp and asparagus tips covered by béarnaise sauce); and salads and cheeses, followed by dessert and coffee or wine. Kungsholm proprietor Fredrick A. Chramer converted one of the mansion's rooms into a home for the Chicago Miniature Opera Theater.