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Westinghouse Broadcasting

Westinghouse Broadcasting

This pioneering radio set manufacturer began operating a radio station in Chicago in 1921. On Armistice day, Westinghouse placed KYW-AM, its fourth station, on the air from KYW's transmitter located on the roof of the Commonwealth Edison Building. Live broadcasts from the Auditorium Theater commenced the following Monday, enabling 1,300 “radio homes” in the Chicago area to hear opera. But profits proved elusive, and in 1934 Westinghouse moved KYW-AM to Philadelphia and did not re-enter the Chicago market until late in 1956, when it purchased WIND-AM. In 1988 Westinghouse sold WIND-AM and purchased WMAQ -AM from NBC, and in 1996 it merged with CBS and Infinity Broadcasting. By 2002, Westinghouse owned seven radio stations, not including WMAQ, which went dark in 2000.

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