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Center for Neighborhood Technology

Center for Neighborhood Technology

The Center for Neighborhood Technology is a nonprofit organization that promotes just and sustainable communities. Its work includes policy research and coalition building.

Founded in 1978, the center has anchored coalitions around energy policy, housing conservation, tax scavenger sale reform, the proposed 1992 World's Fair, the proposed Lake Calumet Airport, and the Commonwealth Edison franchise renewal. For 20 years, it published The Neighborhood Works, covering thecommunity organizing and environmental beat.

In partnership with community groups, the center has made 12,000 housing units and 170 nonprofit-owned buildings energy efficient and helped small metal finishers comply with environmental regulations. The center also works on nontoxic alternatives to dry cleaning.

Since 1990, the center has focused on turning the “hidden assets” of urban areas into economic opportunities. Its regional transportation coalition promotes smart growth strategies. Its Location Efficient Mortgage and Connections for Community Ownership programs offer market incentives for sustainable development.