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Since the late nineteenth century, small numbers of people have immigrated to the United States from Georgia, a country located in the Caucasus Mountains of southwestern Asia. However, most members of Chicago's Georgian community did not arrive in the city until after the Republic of Georgia became independent, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Many are scientists or doctors who came to Chicago to take advantage of economic opportunities in the city; others drive taxis or work in construction. Chicago's Georgians have not congregated in any particular neighborhood, and they have founded few ethnic institutions. Community members say that they have been too busy adjusting to life in America to devote much time to creating institutions. In 1994, members of the community sponsored a party for Chicago's Georgians, and Georgians meet informally to celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Easter and to socialize with fellow Georgian speakers. The most important ethnic institution has been the Argo Georgian Bakery on Devon Avenue, which serves familiar Georgian foods to patrons from both Georgia and Russia.