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Anglo-American Provision Co.

Anglo-American Provision Co.

Founded by the Fowler brothers, Irish immigrants who had English investors, Anglo-American was one of the city's leading meatpacking firms in the years after the Civil War. By the mid-1870s, when it was still known as Fowler Bros., the company slaughtered more than 160,000 hogs each year, making it the third-largest packer in Chicago. By the end of the 1870s, using the name Anglo American Provision Co., the Fowlers' company employed about 1,800 men at a seven-acre pack- ing facility; annual sales at this time stood at about $8 million. Subsequently, it opened pack- ing plants elsewhere in the United States as well. Anglo-American continued to stand among the more important second-tier Chicago packers until 1902, when it became part of the National Packing Co. established by Armour, Swift, and other large Chicago packers.