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Dewey’s Commemorative Trip, 1900

Admiral George Dewey’s trip to the Sanitary and Ship Canal on May 2, 1900 generated the final photographs included in this album. The photographs were a late insert into the album after the opening page and document his day in Chicago. Isham Randolph dedicated his poem to Dewey’s arrival with a "glad welcome gallant sailor."

Admiral Dewey leaving Special Train at McCook, 2 May 1900

Admiral Dewey was brought to the canal at suburban McCook by a special train. The Sanitary District Commissioners had constructed a temporary wharf so that Dewey and his entourage could move easily from train to the awaiting boats in the canal.

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Admiral Dewey’s Boat on the Sanitary and Ship Canal, 2 May 1900

Admiral Dewey toured the recently opened Sanitary and Ship Canal aboard the Hinda seen here in a photograph taken on May 2, 1900.

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Admiral Dewey’s “Fleet” on the Sanitary and Ship Canal, 2 May 1900

Admiral Dewey made his way south along the Sanitary and Ship Canal on May 2, 1900, in a flotilla of boats from McCook to Lockport.

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Spectators Await Dewey’s Arrival at Lockport, 2 May 1900

Thousands of Chicagoans traveled to the banks of the Sanitary and Ship Canal, especially to Lockport on May 2, 1900, to see Admiral George Dewey. A famous war hero, Dewey drew crowds months after the official opening of the canal.

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