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City of Bridges

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Building a Bridge

Dearborn Street Bridge Construction, 1960

By early 1960, the old Dearborn Street Bridge had been demolished. Workers had "dewatered" the area on which the new bridge supports would be constructed, seen here along Wacker Drive with Michigan Avenue in the background to the east.

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Dearborn Street Bridge Construction, July 1960

By July 1960, construction was well underway on the new bascule bridge over Dearborn Street. Workers are seen here laying the foundation for the new bridge.

See also: Construction; Bridges

Dearborn Street Construction, 1963

The southern leaf of the new bascule bridge at Dearborn Street nears completion in June 1963. The leaves, constructed separately, will come together at the bridge’s completion.

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Dearborn Street Bridge, 1972

The double leaf bascule bridge at Dearborn Street is open and in the foreground of this 1972 photograph looking east from the north bank of the Chicago River.

See also: Bridges; Chicago River

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