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Cholera at Aurora, 1849

Cholera affected other communities in the Chicago area, including Aurora to the west along the Fox River. The experiences of Aurora residents were reported in the August 27, 1849 Chicago Journal.

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Advertisements for Cholera Remedies, 1849

The June 7, 1849 issue of the Chicago Democrat included several advertisements for cholera remedies. Since the bacterial origins of cholera would not be identified until the 1880s, the various cures had little medicinal worth.

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Report Made to the Water Commissioners of the City of Chicago on Supplying the City with Water, 1851

The failure to find a cure for cholera did not leave Chicagoans helpless, as they came to realize that water played an important role in the spread of the disease. In 1851, the City commissioned William McAlpine, an engineer with experience on the Erie Canal, to recommend a public water supply system to both prevent disease and fight fire.

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