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The Development of Private and Public Beaches for Recreational Use

Letters of Support for the Public Bathing Beaches, 1895

In 1894 the Free Bath and Sanitary League (FBSL) succeeded the Municipal Order League. It comprised a large working committee of club and professional women and an honorary committee of three hundred prominent professional and businessmen. During its first months, the FBSL's immediate goal was to open a public beach in Lincoln Park to give the poor and working class a place to bathe. The League solicited the endorsement of prominent businessmen and government officials, including the governor.

See also: Baths, Public; Public Health; State Politics; Swimming

Petition in Support of Public Bathing Beach, 1895

The Free Bath and Sanitary League petitioned the Lincoln Park Board Commissioners to establish a bathing beach on Lake Michigan between Fullerton and Diversey. It secured more than six hundred signatures of support from prominent doctors and reformers in the city.

See also: Baths, Public; Park Districts; Public Health; Swimming

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