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Plan of Chicago, Plate CXXI

This Guerin drawing is titled "Proposed Twelfth Street Boulevard at its Intersections with Michigan Avenue and Ashland Avenue." The view is toward the southwest. Visible east of the Chicago River on Twelfth Street (later Roosevelt Road) are the railroad terminals that the Plan proposed should be built in this location but never were. In the drawing, Twelfth Street west of the river is also a more elegant boulevard than it would become, complete with a landscaped central divider.

Twelfth and Jefferson Streets, 1906


At the time of the Plan, Twelfth Street west of the river was a narrow passageway through a crowded neighborhood of recent immigrants.


View West along Roosevelt Road at Jefferson Street, 2004


Roosevelt Road west of the Chicago River was substantially widened, and it has long been an active commercial street, though never the landscaped boulevard depicted by Guerin.