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Dune Acres, IN

Dune Acres, IN

Porter County, 32 miles SE of the Loop. Dune Acres, platted in 1923, was envisioned as an exclusive, year-round shore-line community akin to those found along Illinois' north shore. By the 1930s it had quickly become a recreational community of summer homes, many owned by Chicagoans, with few permanent residents. It is now surrounded by the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Dune Acres, IN (inc. 1923)
Year Total
(and by category)
  Foreign Born Native with foreign parentage Males per 100 females
1930 12  
1960 238  
1990 263   7.6% 95
  256 White (97.3%)      
  9 Asian/Pacific Islander (3.4%)      
2000 213   7.5% 105
  211 White alone (99.1%)      
  2 Two or more races (0.9%)      
  3 Hispanic or Latino* (1.4%)      
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