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Dziennik Zwizkowy

Dziennik Zwizkowy

The Polish National Alliance established the Dziennik Związkowy (Alliance Daily) in 1908 with Francis Jablonski as its editor. Eventually Chicago's largest Polish -language newspaper, it brought its readers local news as well as extensive coverage of issues relating to Poland, including American policies. During World War I, the paper supported President Woodrow Wilson's policy of national self-determination for Poland. It promoted the Polish National Fund (Fundusz Narodowy Polski), which raised several million dollars for Polish war relief efforts. Under the editorship of Karol Piatkiewicz (1931–1967), the paper also worked tirelessly for Polish war relief in World War II.

Dziennik Związkowy broke with President Franklin Roosevelt in its fierce opposition to the 1945 Yalta Pact. It maintained its militant Cold War stance until the mid-1960s, when its emphasis shifted to strengthening America's and Chicago's Polish communities. Between 1978 and 1990, under the editorial leadership of Jan Krawiec (1968–1985), Anna Rychlinska (1985–1989), and Wojciech Bialaszewicz (1989–), the paper devoted extensive coverage to Pope John Paul II, formerly archbishop of Krakow, and to the activities of Solidarity. By the end of the twentieth century, Dziennik Związkowy still reached 25,000 subscribers in the greater Chicago area.

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