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Cleveland, San Francisco, and Manila
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These drawings from Chapter II of the Plan feature the work of Daniel Burnham in other cities before he was engaged on the Plan of Chicago .

Cleveland Group Plan


This indicates how Burnham and his fellow planners John M. Carrère and Arnold W. Brunner strictly followed City Beautiful principles in arranging a civic center, railway stations, and gardens near Cleveland's Lake Erie lakefront.

Plan for the Development of the Entire City of San Francisco


In this plan, never executed, Burnham and Bennett hoped to take advantage of the striking contours of this hilly city, partly by introducing some streets that interrupted the grid.

Plan for the Development of Manila


The Plan 's caption reads, "The essential elements of this plan are the government center and system of proposed arteries radiating from it, the railway station, and the shore road." One could apply a similar description to major portions of what Burnham recommended for Chicago.