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Burnham and Root, Commercial Architects
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In their eighteen-year partnership, Burnham and Root designed many striking commercial buildings, of which the Montauk Block and the Rookery are especially noteworthy for historical and personal reasons.

Montauk Block


The Montauk Block was located from 1882 to 1902 on Monroe Street near the northwest corner of Monroe and Dearborn Streets. It was the firm's first major commercial building. Standing 130 feet tall, it is regarded by many as the first "skyscraper."

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Rookery Building


The Rookery, built in 1885-86 and still standing on the southeast corner of LaSalle and Adams Streets, is a magnificently detailed combination of iron framing and masonry bearing walls.

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Burnham and Root in their Rookery Office


Burnham and Root moved their firm to the Rookery, where, not long before Root's untimely death, they sat for this carefully posed portrait of a successful partnership.

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