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The Plan of Chicago
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Fair Planners and Builders
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The Planners Assemble


Director of Works Daniel Burnham, seen on the left, with his fair associates (from left to right): George B. Post, architect of the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building; M. B. Pickett, Secretary of Works; Henry Van Brunt, Electricity Building architect; Frank Millett, Director of Color; painter Maitland Armstrong; Edmund Rice, Commandant of the Columbian Guard; sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens; landscape architect Henry Sargent Codman; mural painter George W. Maynard; Charles F. McKim, architect of the Agriculture Building; Ernest R. Graham, Assistant Director of Works; and Dion Geraldine, Supervisor of Construction.

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Burnham's Team on the Site


This portrait of Burnham and some of his key associates on the project was likely taken the winter before the fair opened. The enormous structures of the Court of Honor loom in the background. From left to right: Graham; unidentified; Burnham; Pickett; unidentified; and Charles B. Atwood, who became chief designer.

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