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The Plan of Chicago
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The Plan of Chicago
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Three of the illustrations in the Plan are based on drawings by Bennett, and one on a watercolor by Burnham, who also probably took some of the photographs that were used.

The South Shore Drive


This watercolor, reproduced in Charles Moore's biography of Burnham, was likely painted in 1896, when Burnham was first thinking about a lakeshore parkway. It is the basis of plate L(a) in the Plan .

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Winter View of Grant Park and the Proposed Harbor, Looking East


One of the three Plan illustrations by Bennett, this image appears above the title of Chapter IV. His drawings of Greece and Sicily appear in Chapter II.

Guerin, View of the Proposed Development in the Center of the City


This double-page drawing by Guerin from Chapter VII of the Plan appears to be based on the sketch of the same view by Bennett.