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Jules Guerin is credited by name with a dozen illustrations in the Plan , including eleven architectural renderings and one sunny scene along Michigan Avenue. More than the work of any other of the several illustrators, Guerin's drawings give the Plan its distinctive visual character.

View Looking West Over the City


The remade city at the hour of sunset.

Railway Station Scheme West of the River, Between Canal and Clinton Streets


Drawings like this have opened the Plan to the charge that in its passion for order it proposes a much more monotonous and far less interesting regularity than the actual city possessed and continues to possess.

Bird's-Eye View of Grant Park at Night


The source of light in this "night" scene is something of a puzzle, as Guerin tries to suggest the majesty of the recreated lakefront.

Proposed Plaza on Michigan Avenue West of the Field Museum of Natural History


One of several downtown street scenes in the Plan that recall contemporary urban Impressionist paintings. The plaza makes Michigan Avenue seem impossibly wide and airy, more than equal to the bustle of pedestrians, horse-drawn carriages, and automobiles.