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Interpretive Digital Essay : The Plan of Chicago
The Plan of Chicago
Chicago in 1909
Planning Before the Plan
Antecedents and Inspirations
The City the Planners Saw
The Plan of Chicago
The Plan Comes Together
Creating the Plan
Reading the Plan
A Living Document
Lantern Slide Show
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Slide 15


One of the rejected proposals for what would be Soldier Field (1924). This rendering is by Holabird and Roche, the firm that also produced the actual design that was followed.

Slide 16


Several of the planners became involved in the drafting of Chicago’s first zoning ordinance in 1923 and served on the new Zoning Commission. This slide explains street and alley setbacks and height limitations for tall buildings in the downtown.

Slide 17


The planners tried to keep the eye of officials and the public focused on the future and the need to prepare for it.

Slide 18


Lest anyone miss the point of the presentations, slides like these warned of the dangers of failing to plan.

Slide 19


A direct appeal for votes. A similar slide states, “All Money Spent Here. Everybody Benefited.”

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