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Encyclopedia of Chicago

Like a traditional encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of Chicago contains thousands of entries about the city on subjects ranging from A (the All-American Girls Baseball League) to Z (Zimbabweans). Each entry was authored by experts in the fields of history, business, politics, and sociology. Much like a traditional encyclopedia entry, related images are provided to enhance the text. Unlike a traditional entry, however, the Encyclopedia offers several multimedia and interactive features, such as a linked Entries Index, Historical Sources Links, and Article Links, which are explained in further detail below.

Related Resources

In the upper-right corner of the window, the Related Resources box provides two separate lists of links to related materials in the Encyclopedia. The See Also portion of the box includes links to relevant entries, tables, and other special features. The Historical Sources portion of the box, accessed by clicking on the Historical Sources tab, displays a list of links to photographs, drawings, documents, historic maps, and other primary sources related to the entry.

Historical Source Link

The Historical Source Link allows you to explore source documents attached to an entry up close and in depth. (Learn more about this feature in the "Viewing Historical Sources" portion of the User's Guide.)

Article Links

You will notice links – indicated by different color and by cursor change – throughout the text. Article links within the text provide immediate access to related entries in the Encyclopedia.

Entries Index

The Entries Index provides an immediate link to the alphabetized index of entries as well as a link to the next entry in alphabetical order. Learn more about the index of entries in the "Using Index Pages" portion of the User's Guide.