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Interpretive Digital Essay : The Plan of Chicago
The Plan of Chicago
Chicago in 1909
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The City the Planners Saw
The Plan of Chicago
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Creating the Plan
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Planners in Burnham's Office
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Several of the key developers of the Plan of Chicago pose here during a meeting and a meal in 1908 in Daniel Burnham's Railway Exchange Building office. Starting from the left and going clockwise around the table, they are Edward B. Butler, Daniel H. Burnham, Charles D. Norton, Clyde M. Carr, Edward F. Carry, Edward H. Bennett, John DeLaMater, Charles G. Dawes, Charles H. Wacker, John V. Farwell, John W. Scott, Emerson B. Tuttle, Theodore W. Robinson, Charles H. Thorne, and John G. Shedd. Behind them are illustrations from the Plan.