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Globalization: Chicago and the World
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Colonial Trans-Atlantic Networks
A Cosmopolitan Frontier
Global Capitalism and Chicago Real Estate
Built Environment in a Mercantile Metropolis
Networks of Rails
World's Columbian Exposition of 1893
Turn-of-the-Century Industrialization and International Markets
The Chicago Region and Its Global Models
An Upstart Behemoth
Mailing To the World
The World in Chicago
Chicago's Twentieth-Century Cultural Exports
"The Whole World Is Watching"
Corporate Headquarters and Industrial Relics
Map: Changing Origins of Metropolitan Chicago's Foreign-Born Population
Chicago Metropolis 2020
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This image appears on the cover of the The Metropolis Plan: Choices for the Chicago Region, a booklet summarizing the major goals and proposals discussed in much greater detail in Chicago Metropolis 2020: The Chicago Plan for the Twenty-First Century. While this image does not have a precise equivalent in the Plan of Chicago, it evokes the Plan's bird's-eye views of the city. A significant difference is that the vantage here is from a greater distance than any of the Guerin drawings, reflecting Chicago Metropolis 2020's emphasis on the broad region that includes Chicago and not just on the city itself.