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Encyclopedia of Chicago

The Encyclopedia contains nearly 200 multi-page historical sources, ranging in length from 2-sided postcards to a 266-page book and a 5-volume atlas. Regardless of length, all of these multi-page sources are referred to in the Encyclopedia as Bound Volumes, and all appear with the same tools for access and reading.

In addition to the basic Viewer Controls (which appear in the lower-right corner of the image and are described in detail in the "Viewing Historical Sources" section of the User's Guide), each page of a Bound Volume contains three separate methods for searching the contents of the Volume. These methods all appear as tools at the top of the image window, just under the title of the Volume.

Page by Page Navigation

The blue arrows allow you to move page by page through the source, or to jump to the first or last page.

Page Dial

Rolling your mouse over the Page Dial on the right end of the bar allows you to see page numbers, with section breaks indicated by red marks. Clicking brings you directly to that page.

Menu Icon

Clicking on the Menu Icon on the left end of the bar opens or closes a Table of Contents for the Bound Volume.

Opening the Table of Contents causes the view of the Current Page to occupy a smaller portion of the total screen. Clicking again on the menu icon causes the Table of Contents frame to close, and allows the Current Page image to appear at a slightly larger size in a larger portion of the total screen.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents provides a list of sections and pages in the Bound Volume, and provides direct access to these pages. Clicking on the arrow next to the main title or section titles in this frame will reveal the sub-sections and pages within. Clicking on a page title will call up that page in the main content (or Current Page) window.

Each page of a Bound Volume can be explored with the same set of Viewer Controls used throughout the Encyclopedia. For a full description of these tools, see the "Viewing Historical Sources" section of the User's Guide.